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As a young team leader & manager I struggled with the frustration of not achieving the results I believed were possible. Just when I thought I had solved one problem of leadership another popped up. Leadership seemed to be ONE FRUSTRATION AFTER ANOTHER. I considered quitting but instead I decided to go and look at the research on what makes effective team leadership. Hundreds of books, thousands of hours, & multiple qualifications later I discovered that I had been missing key elements of what makes an effective, productive and joyful team. This discovery impacted every aspect of my life, helping me move from frustrated to effectiveness, from being a person embarrassed about my speech defect to being a speaker & trainer to thousands. In addition the resulting self esteem and financial independence helped me me move from being a fat 30 year old to running 2405 km in 59 days at 48 journey.

For free resources about what I learned check out the resources section or register for a free course on my home page.

If you are really serious then contact me to arrange an initial consultation about where you are at and what your leadership frustrations are. My main focus is 1:1 training & consulting sessions to help you learn & integrate the practices of effective leadership into your team.

I only work with a maximum of 20 clients at any time so sometimes have a waiting list. I work in six session blocks (ideally face-face sessions) helping you analyse your team and then develop a plan to applying the key principles to your leadership practice. (The 6 x 45 minutes sessions are $1350 + GST or $1015 + GST via Skype.) After the six sessions you can choose to stop or continue in a longer term coaching/consulting relationship.

I also do some keynote speaking & training (including some accredited Vocational training TAE, Leadership & Management, & Community Services) across Australia.

In my spare time I run marathons & am President of my local running club.

Online Training

Article about 2405 km run in 59 days

Newspaper Article: The Torch

Radio Interviews:

  • Neil Johnson, 20Twenty Presenter & News, 9th March 2017
  • Matt Prater, ​, 9th March 2017

Guest Speaker:

  • Rotary Club Parramatta City, 10 April 2017
  • Rotary Club Padstow, 9 May 2017
  • Rotary Club Northwest Sunrise, 8 June 2017
  • Rotary Club North Sydney, 8 June 2017


Email me using the following contact form. Phone me on +61 407278175. Or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Proud supporter of Destiny Rescue

I contribute a portion of all speaking fees to the work of Destiny Rescue. So far I have raised over $9400 for work of Destiny Rescue. 

Glenn Dudley (OAM) says ...

Pete has a lively and enthusiastic way of capturing the interest and attention of listeners, particularly in a medium to large group setting. By his very heartfelt and pragmatic approach, Pete has the ability to equip his audience with the necessary skills to build their own self confidence. Glenn Dudley, Former President, Royal Agricultural Society, NSW

Louise says ...

I have found Peter to be an inspiring presenter. He is skilled at communicating clearly, and uses both didactic and interactive processes well. Louise Mulroney, Training and Development Officer for the Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies

Bernie the radio broadcaster says

I have listened to Peter Watson speak publicly on many occasions. He has a genuine and rare ability to communicate complex issues in a clear, simple and engaging manner. He is also a keen observer of people and has a strong interest in management and business principles. Whilst he may at first appear unassuming, his communication and teaching style is remarkably clear and effective. He is one of the very few people that I know with this gift. Bernie Dymet, CEO and radio broadcaster with the media ministry 'Christianityworks'

James says ...

Peter has a gift for communicating complex issues in a way that you can understand the message and put it into action. Peter’s use of supporting material which at first thought seems strange but months later I find myself remembering the message and being able to relate to the task at hand, much better equipped. I commend Peter and his style of training to anyone reading this reference. James Allardice, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity (NSW)

Maurya the harvard MBA says ...

Peter Watson is one of the few truly gifted speakers I have encountered in my life. He is able to clearly and concisely put complex ideas forth in a manner which all can comprehend. He has a special ability to have the message touch each person through the message itself, how he identifies with it, and what it can mean to the listener. Maurya Rieder, Harvard MBA, Consultant EFS

Matthew from Facebook says

Peter has the rare gift of being able to condense and communicate a range of complicated ideas in a concise and engaging manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their training to have impact, both on the day and months later.
Matthew Steine, Partnerships & Growth, at Facebook

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