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All of the following articles come from my LinkedIn Posts. You can connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Four books every Leader should read

5 Steps to Respond rather than React to Leadership Frustration

Leadership Essentials: Emotional Intelligence

Why Leadership Coaching is the Secret Weapon of the Best Leaders

An 11 question test to assess your knowledge about the state of poverty in the world today. [Also a great team building exercise]

7 steps that move you towards success

You're a Team Leader but this is how you are feeling about turning up to work tomorrow!

How true accountability builds rather than destroys worker respect.

How and why to up-skill your ATSI staff

Six Lessons for Increasing Completion Rates for ATSI Students

FAQ: How do I increase my Leadership Effectiveness?

When training is just throwing money away

Goal setting with vulnerable clients

Leaders build great relationships. Why do some relationships flourish while others flounder?

Time running away from you? Check out these wise words from the Roman stoic Seneca on time (written about 64 AD) ...

What I learned from Judo about building relationships

10 things you should give every one of your Team Leaders

Do leaders matter?

Looking for a motivational input for your team staff meeting?

Leadership Tip in 90 Seconds or Less: Hire Your Own Boss [Video]

12 Personal and Business Lessons I Learnt Running the length of New Zealand [Video]

Would a free trial of an Online Team Leadership Course be of value to you or your organisation?

Leadership Tip: What Harvard tells us about Likeability and Effectiveness

Five keys to being a better public speaker (lessons learned from over 2000 speaking engagements).

What scientific research says will increase your chances of habit change by ten times!

Life and Business Lessons I learned running 57 marathons in 59 days through New Zealand.

My top 6 Team and Conflict resource recommendations - What are yours?

Get a free copy of my latest eBook 'Creating a results culture with Accountability'

Four common courtesies that convey professionalism

Five steps to address the issue of lack of accountability in your staff.

5 team leadership lessons I learned from running 41 marathons

3 Team Leadership Lessons I learned from Climbing

Rethinking how you view the vultures in your team.