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> Improve your team’s effectiveness: Introduction

We live in a microwave society, we expect and indeed get annoyed when we can’t chuck something in the microwave and within a few minutes be eating a delicious healthy meal. We feel frustration rise when we stand in a fast food line and have to wait 30 seconds to be served. We expect and demand solutions and results right now! And our burgeoning waistlines are the result of our instant food mentality.

These posts on '100 ways to improve your team’s effectiveness' don't make that instant fix promise!

These posts are more akin to the joy that comes from a roast dinner lovingly cooked by Mum, rather than that instant meal heated up in the microwave.

These posts promise that if you put in the work, the right kind of work, that you can get good results and results that last.

These posts work on the 1% principle. The 1% principle is this, if you try one idea a week to improve the effectiveness of your team, and about once a month one of those ideas work, then you can improve the effectiveness of your team by 1% every month, month after month.

Now 1% doesn’t sound like much, but 1% a month is a 12.7% (think cumulative) improvement in one year, 27% improvement in two years, and a 43.1% improvement in three years.

You could of course increase this result by trying one idea every few days rather that every week!

Your results will vary, but this I can guarantee, if you regularly give time to considering and implementing team improvement ideas, you will get better results than you are currently getting.

The only problem with, and it’s not an insignificant one, is that I and nobody else either, can tell you what ideas will work for your team in your context, and that’s why you have to try lots of small things over time.

Think for a moment about a plant that is looking a bit droopy and tired. You look at the plant and take a guess that it needs some nutrients. So you go to your shed and find a bag of phosphorus. You add the phosphorus and find your plant reviving. A month later you are visiting a friend who has a droopy tired looking plant and they ask you what you would do. Now, the danger is that because phosphorus worked for your plant you suggest that they just need to add phosphorus. So they add phosphorus and their plant dies. Your team is like that plant, it is unique in its problems and it is unique in the ingredients it needs to help it to flourish.

In these posts I will introduce you to the seven main problems that teams experience and then the majority of these posts will look at 100 ideas (experiments) to increase the effectiveness of your team by 1% a month.

So come back often and check out the regularly ideas as I will seek to add at least one idea every week.


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