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> Guest Post on Accountability: How Staff and Team Members Can Hold Each Other Accountable

Following is a guest post on accountability by Ambit.

It is important for teams to know that holding themselves or anyone accountable can be of best interest for the whole team. Accountability brings forth motivation to team members and if these two attributes are present, the relationship among the team will be healthier which drives them to be real productive. Identification and discussion of problems immediately is very essential. A team leader should never allow any problem to remain unsolved for a long time because it results to team dysfunction and mistrust thus tangible costs may exist.

Achieve accountability within your Staff or Team by:

  • Set Expectations

As the team leader, have the authority of informing all new members of the team that you want them to hold you and themselves accountable. Imprint a culture of accountability first and foremost.

  • Tell them Stories

Inform them of examples of teams integrating accountability in addressing concerns and the positive outcomes. Make storytelling a powerful tool for you to influence them about being accountable.

  • Be a Role Model

“You cannot give what you don’t have”. This famous quote says it all. Before you ask your team to be accountable for themselves, live by the principle first. As you interact with you co-team leaders, show them how accountability works. 

  • Educate them

Leaders are teachers. You are a facilitator. Have the initiative to teach your team real-life practices. Have crucial conversations. You can have your own teaching episode even for just 10 minutes every day.

  • Escalation Policy

If your team has already developed a culture of accountability, they can discuss a problem themselves first and only escalate it to you if can’t resolve it on their level.
Any organization should always include to their objectives the proper development of an accountability culture—this is a powerful and proven performance driver. Most leaders remark that lack of accountability hinders business growth. So, accountability is really important in performance management. But as a leader, the challenge for you is how to do this effort for your team.


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