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> Guest Post on Accountability: How staff team members can hold each other accountable

The following is a guest post by Natasha Nixon

Fellowship plays a pivotal role in determining success or failure in every scenario where two or more individuals are involved. If the fellowship is strong, the bond is positive and there is an unflinching, sincere and invested focus of everyone sharing the bond, then success is only a matter of time and transforming the conviction into hard work.

Leadership is a quintessential need and it is the job of a leader to hold everyone accountable, to motivate every team member, to help and guide them, to solve problems and also to initiate action against those who don’t deliver. When a manager or a leader, the business owner or a chief executive reprimands an employee or just takes someone to task, it often comes down heavily on that person and others. The bearing is far-reaching and it often doesn’t augur well for employee morale.

Instead of trying to have a trickle down leadership or management practice, companies should try and have staff team members holding each other accountable. It is an effective method to instil a strong team spirit, to forge fellowship and the team will start to work as a single entity instead of a group of individuals.

  • Members of a team can always remind one another of the upcoming deadlines, the commitments each one has made, the challenges being faced and the solutions that must be worked on. It is absolutely human for someone to falter. Some people with procrastinate. Some people will deliberately drag their feet and be insincere. In a team, there are always some people who do more than others. Regardless of such differences, every team member should issue reminders whenever necessary. Holding someone accountable is not about reprimanding at the end of the deadline. It is about being proactive. From pats on the back to gentle reminders, everything that can ensure things are moving along nicely and as per expectations is a welcome step.
  • Members of a team should offer the necessary help to one another. It is one way of ensuring that things get done and also a way of holding everyone accountable. Someone who doesn’t get any help will seldom feel like an integral part of the group. If it is an individual working and only the individual goals are in focus, the fellowship wouldn’t get established, forget about having a strong team spirit or bonding. But, staff team members should only offer that much help which is necessary. Helping too much will backfire.
  • A team that works together and is positive, helps each other but bestows accountability, shares responsibility but also initiates the consequence of everyone’s action as an individual will always do better than other teams. 


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