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> The 8 most common reasons for underachieving team.

Reason 1: Your team doesn't have an agreed understanding of your teams strengths and weaknesses.
Solution: Complete a team assessment and discuss the results. Check out

Reason 2: Team members are experiencing interpersonal conflict resulting.
Solution: Read the book 'Crucial Conversations' or check out the youtube clip at

Reason 3: There are team members who bring a negative attitude to team meetings.
Solution: Check out and begin to practise gratitude in your team meetings.

Reason 4: Team members display a lack of passionate commitment to a clear team purpose.
Solution: Check out Consider buying the book for all of the team to work through and discuss.

Reason 5: You have team members who aren't facing the reality of your situation.
Solution: Read the excellent blog by James Clear on 'How to Stop Lying to Ourselves' at

Reason 6: Team members don't make clear clear, specific and realistic agreements that they can be held accountable for.
Solution: Read the small book 'The New One Minute Manager' and begin to practice One Minute Goal Setting. (Short video on this at or check out Ed Muzio 'Setting SMART Goals at

Reason 7: Team members procrastinating or focusing on the wrong activities.
Solution: Check out the brilliant blog

Reason 8: You have team members who do not do what they promise to do.
Solution: Yes you really should read the small book 'The New One Minute Manager' and begin to practice One Minute Reprimands. (A helpful video explaining this can be found at

Another great resource for struggling teams is the book 'The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable'

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